20 May 2015

It’s complicated to write the presentation of a release when the only ‘references’ names coming to mind are Aphex Twin, Square Pusher or Telefon Tel Aviv... Because we can detect one musician’s genius while not being able to describe his work, except by trying to connect it to the one of other big names. Sorry, then, for the obvious references...
Sound designer, more used to performances and multimedia in- stallations (Reverrance, Noisy skeleton, Hyperlight,etc) than studio releases, Svindrön turn out to be a little electronic genius strongly influenced by IDM and electronica’s bosses. Initially post-rock oriented before discovering Squarepusher and others, he cut his teeth through an electro live IDM / techno on Lyon’s stage, live largely considered as an UFO. Thanks to his practices and his path, he joins today the precision of an electroacoustic approach, the effectiveness of technoid rhythms and the wooden warmth of the guitar.
3rd Lab team and this artist from Lyon met back in 2014; nothing un- expected considering the eclectic playground of Svindrön and the label’s artistic field. A 5 track wish grew very fast, but a few months passed by from the idea to the achievement, Svindrön’s music being so surgical, serrated, sometimes almost baroque...
We find in these 5 tracks without any doubt the abundance of little Apex Twin’s sound events, or the depth and reverberations of Square Pusher, but we also find other references, way more fresh, especially Glitch and Dubstep (Hecq, Koan Sound). Adding the unstructured guitar and an acute sense of musical dramaturgy, we end up with a unclassifiable wonder... except if we go back to full circle and place it between Aphex Twin and Telefon Tel Aviv!
Nano (3rd Lab /// Beatume /// Na+ + Cl-)