The label

Founded in 2010 in Strasbourg, 3rd Lab was created by two music enthusiasts who wanted to offer an alternative to majors who were looking for young creations. They thus created an independent music laboratory that quickly developed around projects such as Na+ + Cl-, Ectoplasme, and Dooz Kawa. Very quickly, they had the idea of grouping these projects as well as “side-projects” on compilations, which gave birth to the first volume of the 3rdLab series, .01.

Since then, the label has specialized in promoting talented but little-known artists through albums and compilations that cover diverse fields such as jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. 3rd Lab has thus managed to highlight artists who would otherwise have been ignored by major record labels. Thanks to this original approach and its commitment to young creation, the 3rd Lab label has established itself as a major player in the independent music scene.