Révolution Silencieuse

23 February 2024

On their debut album, 'Révolution silencieuse', AUBE reveal the beginnings of a new tomorrow between analogue and digital, machines and old stones, the vast sky and the web, the duo tell us the story of a generation's paradoxes.

In their songs, the sun is as essential to the robot 'Klara' as it is to the cactus 'Fleur'. Hungry for progress, "L'obstinée" strikes and mutates, while a man in his "Bulle" contemplates the sky to escape urban madness.
On "La toile" (the web), anonymous mouths chatter and somewhere, a woman receives "The letter" that will turn her life upside down. In the midst of this frenzy, everyone's inner "home" is undergoing a "Silent Revolution" and there we greet "Madame", steeped in the centuries that precede us.

Jeanne Barbieri and Ena Eno describe these ambiguous times with a dreamlike, head-on approach, in a rich, immersive universe, at the crossroads of French chanson and trip-hop music. Ena Eno combines acoustic and electronic elements, enveloping the vocals in sophisticated, organic soundscapes. Jeanne Barbieri brings her taste for melody and metaphorical writing, carried by a pure, deep and moving voice. Rarely treated, the vocal expression is particularly human, in contrast to the instrumental workings, imperturbable like the cycles of nature or the rhythms of the wind like the cycles of nature or the gears of a mechanism.

On AUBE, we hear Björk in her early days, in the carried voice and the organic electronics; the ambiguity of the timbres and the darker passages remind us of Portishead; you can hear La Chica in the fun she has in splitting and or Laurie Anderson's attraction to repetition; as for the intimacy of the lyrics and their literary the influence of Barbara and Arthur Teboul.
AUBE brings unprecedented colour to today's French chanson. A bridge between poetic tradition and musical innovation, this duo is a must-see