Aube is a musical duo made up of French singer Jeanne Barbieri and musician-producer Ena Eno. Their hybrid musical style lies at the crossroads of French chanson and trip-hop music, a kind of French folktronic with a rich, immersive sound universe. In 2010, the two musicians met to work on a number of poetry and sound spatialisation projects. A few years later, after releasing their first track as a duo on Dreieck Interferences’ ‘Mutation’ compilation in 2020, the pair decided to continue the work they’d begun by writing an EP that would eventually be turned into an album. Jeanne Barbieri contributes her powerful, expressive voice, her taste for melody and her metaphorical writing. Ena Eno, meanwhile, combines acoustic and electronic elements that envelop the voice in sophisticated, organic soundscapes. Their debut album, “Révolution silencieuse”, will be released in early 2024.

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