Svindrön is a sound designer familiar to performances, sound and visual set ups (Reverrance, Noisy skeleton, Hyperlight, etc) rather than studio releases, Trough his work, he reveals himself as a little electronic music genie, with electronica and IDM popes as strong influences. Initially inclined towards post-rock before discovering Squarepusher and sorts, he asserts his presence in the Lyon scene through an electro IDM / techno live set.There were reports of a UFO onstage that night! Today, thanks to his practice and experimentation he ties a precise electroacoustic approach, to the efficiency of technoïd rythms and the wooden warmth of the guitar. In 2014, the Lyon born artist meets the 3rd Lab team. It was only a matter of time, considering the artistic scope of the label and the eclectic playground Svindrön evolves in.Soon the idea of a 5 track project is born. Several months will then pass, before this idea is shaped into the -surgical, needle point lace with a touch of baroque- sound Svindrön has created.

Movies of Svindrön