Ena eno

Ena Eno is a composer, musician, and sound artist who developed his approach to acousmatic music after studying at the Conservatoire de Metz. He is also a member of the ar(t)chitecture collective 3RS, where he has designed and implemented sound installations in unconventional spaces, such as the cloister of the Trinitaires in Metz, a scaffold tower for the Ososphère festival in Strasbourg, and the Nuits Blanches de l’Art Contemporain in Metz and Amiens. Ena Eno is the founder of the label 3rd Lab and has worked on numerous musical projects, including Aube, NaCl, BEATure/BEATume, Little Mind Beats, and Ena Eno. He has also focused on multimedia projects since 2014, which led him to collaborate with Candas Sisman and the AV Extended collective on various installations and projections, such as Translation in Plzen, Redstars in Marseille, Metz, Paris, and Ibiza, and Crystal in Lausanne. Ena Eno has also collaborated with Dooz Kawa as a beatmaker, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist. He has also worked with Stephane Clor as part of the duo NaCl, which blends electronic and sophisticated pop music. Ena Eno released his first solo album, “Taiyo no Hakaba,” in 2019, which features sounds recorded in the streets of Japan and incorporates influences from IDM, abstract hip-hop, and bass music. He is currently working on his second solo album, “109bpm” as well as an album with his duo AUBE featuring singer Jeanne Barbieri. Ena Eno and his collaborators have won the Trophée des Lumières at the 2021 Fête des Lumières de Lyon.