Djane Ki

DJ Ki was initiated to acid techno and hardcore waves in her early seventeen’s, whilst partying in bunkers and other decommissioned areas in Eastern France. This experience left her with a deep footprint into the furrows of her LP’s. At the same time organizer and djane, Ki produced together with the Ellipse Sound System the “Oscilloscope” festival and the famous events “Catharsis” (Zenith, Nancy). The latter will gather over 21000 fellows. She later shared iconic scenes together with Laurent Hô, Dj Kraft, Hell Fish, Dj Radium, The DJ Producer, SP23, … Today Ki is one of the activists amongst the female collective “Patchakamak” and the collective of sound designers “LBA”. She sources her playlists in the trough of all waves, her personal touch being a direct techno style, which reflects her sturdy character and personality. She composes on laptop, painting shadows in her very recognizable dark and cinematographic style. Four singles were released on 3rd Lab, as well as a live-mix in duet with Dj Bouto, a duel called Brand new Bastards.

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